What are the requirements to be a volunteer at FHTRC?

All volunteers that are involved in classes (either as Leaders or as Sidewalkers) must be at least 14 years old. You must also be able to walk for at least 30 minutes, jog for short distances, and be able to ensure the safety of the rider. Attendance at a Volunteer Training Class is required. In order to volunteer as a Horse Leader you must be able to pass a tryout. All volunteers under 18 must have a parent/guardian sign their release.

What Kind of Commitment is Required to Volunteer?

You can volunteer for as little as 45 minutes per week, or as much as you want. FHTRC runs in 8 week sessions. We do ask that those who wish to volunteer in classes commit to at least 45 minutes per week for the entire session. This is important because you become part of the team, usually working with the same client each week. This helps you build a rapport with the clients that you are working with, and can help them to build on their accomplishments each week. Our clients not only build a relationship with their horses, but also with those who volunteer with them.

Volunteering at FHTRC

What Jobs are Volunteers asked to do?

Sidewalking – The sidewalker helps assist in grooming and tacking the horses for classes. They walk beside the rider during the class, and may be asked to assist in mounting and dismounting. The sidewalker helps make sure the ruder gets the most out of the lesson, while helping the rider be as independent as possible. The sidewalker provides stability and ensures that the rider stays in proper alignment while they are riding.

Horse Leader – The Leader helps assist in grooming and tacking the horse for classes, leads the horse to the mounting area, and attend to the horse during mounting. They then lead the horse as directed by the instructor during class, and assist in untacking horse after the lesson is over. The Leader is in charge of making sure the horse is under control at all times, while still allowing the rider to be as independent as possible.  You must pass a training in order to be a Horse Leader.

What are the Days and Times Available to Volunteer?

Fall, Winter and Spring:

Monday : 9:30-12 ;  3:30-6      

Tuesday : 9-11 ; 12:30-6

Wednesday : 11:15 -6

Thursday:   9:30-12 ; 12:45-6

Summer Hours:

Monday: 8-12:30

Tuesday: 8-12:30

Wednesday: 8-12:30

Thursday: 8-12:30

NOTE: Volunteers are needed at least 15 minutes prior to the start and after completion of classes. Take this into consideration when committing to your time availability. Initial times above are one hour before each class’s start.

volunteer with rider

Click here to download the Volunteer Application and the FHTRC Volunteer HandbookInterested in volunteering, or have a completed application to send in?

Please email : volunteer@fhtrc.org

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Handbook