Colton has been riding for almost 10 years now.  He showed improvement the 1st year!  He was not walking on his own, after his accidental drowning.  He started riding at Freedom Hooves Therapeutic Riding Center in September 2006.  He started walking the next year!!  I know that riding and a wonderful Physical Therapist are the reasons he is walking so well today.   He has one speed, GO!  I am so appreciative to the instructors and volunteers at Freedom Hooves.  They work so hard to make miracles happen!


We are blessed to be a part of this program.  It works and has changed our lives. It’s amazing to watch Jayson communicate and joke with the staff and volunteers. His speech has improved greatly and he is excited because he is involved in something he feels good about. He can do all this because of Rascal, the staff, and volunteers are a team and they make it work. He gets better at it every week.  He feels on top of the world when he gets to have the lead off and ride alone with his helpers by his side. He loves trail rides, but he loves the rodeo the most.”

“We are grateful for Adriane to get this to help with social skills. She loves riding, the horses, and the girls that are there every week for her.  Her heart was completely stolen by her horse, Dazzle. She has learned many skills from him but the one thing I think she has really enjoyed the most is trotting.  She also enjoys bonding with every one there and has learned compassion for animals. Adriane is misunderstood a lot but at the barn they just get her and treat her like she belongs.  She just loves it there!  She jokes, laughs, and is herself.  She comes out of her shell and I love that.  So I would say the program is a miracle for my family! Jayson and Adraine get to be themselves there in their element and we thank FHTRC. They have know idea how much I really do appreciate them and I cant ever thank them enough!”


Our family enjoys bringing our daughter Kinley to FHTRC! The horses are great and friendly! We really appreciate all of the wonderful volunteers that work there, they are so helpful and kind to Kinley. We think Kinley does enjoy her horse riding every week. It’s a great benefit to kids with disabilities. Thank you!”


“My daughter Ann has been riding for several years at FHTRC. Going to FHTRC is the highlight of her week. She loves the horses and the staff. They are all her best friends. The staff is passionate about the riders and the horses. 

There are no words to really convey the effect that horse therapy has had on Ann’s life. It’s something you have to experience for yourself to see the remarkable things that have happened in her life because of FHTRC. It’s hard work for her doing the therapy she does on a horse. Being on a horse makes it worth all the hard work. She loves to hug and kiss the horses when she is done with her therapy.

Ann has confidence in her abilities because of riding. This is big when the small things we take for granted are so hard for her. She lets anyone who will listen to her tell them that she is a,” really good rider and that she can lead a horse all by herself.”

Ann is no longer wearing her AFO’s and is no longer toe walking. I have no idea how riding a horse accomplished this. For years we tried countless therapies and gadgets with no results. 

Her muscles are stronger in all areas. She has some ability to feel when she needs to go to the bathroom.

“I am truly grateful for FHTRC for being apart of Ann’s life.”


“Our son Grant loves to compete. It does not matter if it is sports, video or board games he wants to win. Grant is not like other kids though as he has a unique and very rare vascular birth defect. Although Grant had this condition since birth he did not let it slow him down. In 2012 our lives changed forever when Grant seriously injured his leg playing soccer which led to regular hospitalization and 18 surgeries in an effort to help him regain mobility. During that time Grant did not have the ability to move and run like the other kids at school. FHTRC gave Grant back his mobility via his horse Diamond and an opportunity to compete, this time against himself as important physical therapy was incorporated into his riding. With his weekly rides during the past 3 years Grant has grown as a rider and he has improved self confidence as well as physical abilities. This was never more evident than in the 2015 rodeo event which allowed Grant to compete and earn ribbons. It was great to see him smile and give him the opportunity to show off his riding skills to our family. FHTRC truly changed Grant’s life for the better and for that we are grateful. “

Ryan and Kary

“Iyanah absolutely loves going to FHTRC for therapeutic riding. Riding her favorite horse, Bee, gives Iyanah the opportunity to achieve mobility in a way that is not possible right now since she can’t walk yet. Riding at FHTRC has helped Iyanah achieve better trunk control as well as gain more balance. We love seeing the excitement she has when she rides and how calming and therapeutic it truly is for her. We wish we had FHTRC in our backyard so Iyanah could ride more often! We love the program and the care the volunteers give to all the riders and their families.”


FHTRC has proven to be such a blessing to our son, Christian.  Having maintained various therapists for years (yes-years), it wasn’t until we landed at FHTRC did therapy also provide an element of something fun just Christian got to do. Prior to this, Christian had always followed the family to “their” activities and heard about his siblings’ extra activities. FHTRC has become not only something that helps him focus, listen, grow stronger, and so on, it also provides Christian something he genuinely likes doing that is special and fun to him. As his parent, it’s been great to watch, especially since “typical things” like sports just wasn’t his cup of tea! The staff and volunteers at FHTRC have no idea the amount of blessing in store for their time, effort, and dedication to providing not only health benefits but pure enjoyment as well to such special people.”