At Freedom Hooves Therapeutic Riding Center, all of our horses are special! These patient friends are an integral part of our program and greatly influence the quality of services we provide.

Our horses make a big difference in our clients lives. They deserve the best care available! Feed and care for our herd of therapy horses is one of the largest expenses incurred by our organization. Our Sponsor-a-Horse program helps to off-set these costs.

Those who sponsor one of our horses will be sent a picture and description of their chosen horse, and be recognized in that horse’s biography.

Horse Sponsorship:

  • $500 for 1 month
  • $3,000 for 6 months
  • $6,000 for 1 year

Even if you cannot afford to sponsor a horse’s boarding fees, there are various other expenses each month. If you would like to sponsor our horses, by purchasing their supplements, or by assisting with the cost of a farrier visit, this would also be a great help.

  • Farrier (trim) Every 8 weeks : $25
  • Shoes for Diamond, every 6 weeks : $60
  • Supplements for Diamond : $75 a month
  • Veterinarian Expenses (vaccination, teeth, Coggins) : $250 per year, per horse
Rascal with a rider

Our Horses



Sponsor Dreamer

Dreamer is a 30 year old Appaloosa Mare. She joined us in early 2017, but has proven that she was born to be a therapy horse. She is slow and steady all the time, and never puts a foot wrong. When she was young she was a Western Pleasure horse, and she can safely show our little ones how fun it is to go fast as she jogs around the arena.


Winnie the Pooh

Sponsored by James Reeves - Farrier Expenses, Air Capital RV Park, Inc - Health

Sponsor Winnie the Pooh

This is Winnie, a 20 year old Haflinger gelding. He is 14.3 hands tall. Winnie has been with our program since February of 2012. He is a very sweet horse and does great for hippotherapy students. He proves to new riders that horses can make great friends. Winnie is a favorite among many of our students and staff.

Haflingers are common in many therapeutic riding centers, mainly because the breed is known for being quiet and kind. Haflingers are very versatile, and are commonly used for both riding and driving.



Sponsor Dazzle

Dazzle is a 15 year old, American Quarter horse. He has quite the personality, and it’s nearly impossible not to love him. No one can walk through the barn without saying “hi” to Dazzle. He knows just how to make his rider happy, and seems to enjoy his new job as a therapy horse!

The American Quarter Horse is one of the world’s most popular horse breeds. And its easy to see why! Quarter Horses are extremely versatile doing English, western and driving competitions, and pretty much anything else you could think of!



Sponsored by Peter and Grace Hartdegen - Farrier and Health Expenses

Sponsor Diamond

This is Diamond! He is a 27 year old, Quarter horse gelding that is a former ranch horse. When Diamond first came to us he was suffering from severe arthritis. A local vet saw that Diamond needed help, so he donated his time and energy into performing one of the first stem cell therapy treatments on a horse. Diamond has improved almost 100% and enjoys life to the full! He is great for some independent riders. He is quite the celebrity and has many fans here! He loves to have the occasional apple and enjoys going out on the trails.


Honey Bee

Sponsored by Ann Estep - Farrier Expenses,

This is Honey Bee. She is a 37 year old Pony of America, and is our smallest horse at 13.3 hands tall. She is almost completely blind, but she does not let that stand in her way! Once she gets to know you she will follow you anywhere. Bee has her favorite volunteers and lets her affection known when the volunteer walks into the barn. Bee is always ready to come out of her stall, and loves to be groomed.

The Pony of America breed is very popular among youths involved in horses. The breed is commonly used for riding and driving.



Sponsored by Karen Flateau

Sponsor Phaedra

This is Phaedra. She is by far our largest horse at 16.3 hh! Phaedra is 14 and is truly a gentle giant. Before learning how to be a therapy horse she dabbled in dressage and even learned how to pull a cart! She loves to be able to get out of the pasture and do her job.
Phaedra did lose her left eye to cancer about two years ago, but she doesn't let that stop her. She doesn't even seem to notice!



Sponsored by Debbie Pierce - Health

Sponsor Jetta

Jetta is a 19 year old Appaloosa mare. She has settled into her new job easily, and loves to give her riders a hug! Before working as a therapy horse, Jetta did western pleasure and even jumping. She is truly an all around girl! We are all excited to get to know her better.

Thank you to Debbie and Natalie for giving us the opportunity to lease Jetta!